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Top 7 Physics Contests for High School Students

Physics contests are a great way to challenge yourself, improve your problem solving skills, boost your resume, and learn physics all at the same time! In this post, I’ve listed the 7 best high school competitions for students in Canada and the United States. INTERNATIONAL PHYSICS OLYMPIAD (IPHO) Date: Mid […]

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Students taking the AMC 8 at Olympiads School

Olympiads School: Your Ticket to the IPhO

If you live in Toronto and you want to go to the IPhO, then you should definitely visit Olympiads School. They have courses for all levels of physics, ranging from absolute beginner to olympiad level. In fact, Olympiads School has courses specifically for physics olympiad preparation. And the courses work! Every year, […]

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What is the IPhO?

  IPhO stands for the International Physics Olympiad. Everybody’s heard of the International Math Olympiad. Well, physics has one too. It’s the premier physics competition for high school students all over the world, consisting of a five hour theoretical test and another five hour experimental test. A great thing about international […]

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