Basic Kinematics

If you’ve never done physics before, this is a good place to start. Today we’re gonna cover the most basic aspect of physics. In fact, it’s so simple that most people consider it math. Let’s get started. Position What are we interested in mechanics? Most of the time, you want to […]

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Top 7 Physics Contests for High School Students

Physics contests are a great way to challenge yourself, improve your problem solving skills, boost your resume, and learn physics all at the same time! In this post, I’ve listed the 7 best high school competitions for students in Canada and the United States. INTERNATIONAL PHYSICS OLYMPIAD (IPHO) Date: Mid […]

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A bolt of lightning.

Electrical Energy Density Derivation

In this post, we’ll do a mathy proof of the electrical energy density of an electric field. Here’s the statement: For any continuous distribution of charge where the electric field vanishes at infinity, the total electrical energy of the system is given by where is a small volume element, is […]

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Lava from volcano.

The Leidonfrost Effect is cool

You can test the Leidonfrost Effect at home right now. Check out this video. Ever dip your hands in molten lead? (Skip to around 4 min) Ever dip your hands in liquid nitrogen? The explanation All three phenomena are a result of the Leidonfrost effect. The explanation is pretty simple. […]

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Learn Projectile Motion (Again)

Projectile Motion is the most classic high school physics problem in existence. It might be a little bit boring, but it’s very important to master, and it’s a great way to apply what you’ve learned in kinematics. Here’s the set up. First of all, what are the forces acting on the ball […]

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A glass of hot chocolate.

The Hot Chocolate Effect

The hot chocolate effect The Hot Chocolate Effect is a cool little experiment you can try at home right now. Take a cup of hot water and tap a spoon against the bottom of the glass. Then add your favourite hot chocolate powder and stir it in. Now tap at the […]

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Wave equation diagram.

The Wave Equation for Ideal Strings

One of the most important equations in physics is the wave equation. In this post, we will derive the wave equation for the case of a transverse wave on a string. We’ll also find this speed as a function of tension and linear density. Let’s get started. Consider an infinitesimal rope […]

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A plasma sphere

Energy of a Charged Sphere

In this problem, you’ll be calculating the energy of a charged sphere. This can be pretty hard if you’ve never done anything like it before. But it’s super easy once you know the trick. Give it a shot! You have a solid metal ball with a total charge and a […]

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CAP 2015 Solutions

This post will cover the multiple choice section of the 2015 CAP exam. CAP 2015 Question 1 As shown in the picture, a ball is attached to a ceiling and a wall with massless ropes and . Rope is at angle from the vertical direction, and rope is horizontal. The […]

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Picture of a whirlpool on a beach

Whirlpools in your Bottle

You’ve probably played around with whirlpools in your water bottle. In this problem, you’ll be analyzing an idealized form of this experiment. You have a cylinder filled with water. Put it on a spinning disc so that the cylinder is spinning around it’s primary axis at an angular speed . Gravity points downwards […]

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